You know when I first started this league I thought, is it really worth it? I have been playing poker on  pokerstars for a few years now but could never quite get myself over that hump to ITM. I mean I had gotten to round 2's and round 3's only to get my butt tossed early. So when I found this league, which was quite by chance, I wasn't real sure if it was going to be worth it or not.
  So I took the tests, and of course passed so I was in. I was actually kind of excited to realize that it wasn't just for one game, but for every PSO tournament there was and is every month. For me it was better than any bowling league, thats for sure! Kinda like hitting the jackpot at a casino, but this one keeps paying! Still not sure of what I had gotten myself into I played my first tournament, and didn't do so good!
  The rest of Sept I spent trying to get up the leaderboard with no luck. It was like, wow have I really been playing poker for all this time and getting my butt kicked in  here, how can this be? So I went back and studied a little more, took some good advise from other players and slowed down my play. Play tight but aggressive, dont play weak hands and pay attention to what the other players are doing.
  So here we are half way through October, and I have cashed three different tournaments. Now, there have been several times I was put out early because I was tired and tried to play, but couldn't really concentrate on my game. I have found i play better in the AM then in PM so I have been playing in the 7AM and it is working out for me. Another thing, I was playing in more than one a day, and I found that if I just play one a day, that I do better in the standings. Consistancy seems to be the key. Be consistant in your play, and stick to a game plan and you will do better.
  right now I am only at 1520's on the leaderboard, but I am holding myself above the yellow line (1499)more consistantly then when I first started. I am so thankful to this league, it has been worth every step I take. I have grown in just a little under a month, and am able to play a more precise game with confidence now. I do still get jittery once I pass the ITM mark, and still haven't gotten over the hump to that final table yet, but my best finish was 16th, so it is right there in my grasp!  Im sure I can get there, I have the will and the desire!