So I have now been grinding for 4 days so thought it would point to update.  I have been playing exactly what I said i would, which is good as by now I might of strayed into playing a $4.40 tourney or something, not cashed , tried another, then the big $11, and bye bye br.  Discipline intact and still highly motivated!

The stats - 

I have not got any hud or poker tracking software as I have never really taken my poker seriously enough for long enough to warrant the cost.  I am fully aware of the benefits and that most would say that this tool is essential, so as soon as I completed this month without losing discipline I will make the purchase - recommendations welcome!  I do however keep a  simple spreadsheet and tally my results as I go.

I have played a total of 242 45man $0.25.  My starting balance was $5.01, balance now $33.75, so a profit of $28.74.  I am ITM 22.73% and have an average ROI of 47.5%.  Any comments on these stats would be appreciated.  I think that they are pretty std so I am happy with that.

I have noticed a lot of leaks in my game that I was already aware of, but I have been doing new things to improve / eradicate these.  After reading 'The mental of Poker' I realsie that to improve my 'A' game I need to improve my 'Z' game (inch worm).  The main reason for writing this blog, is after reading the book, and the realisation that I have to put in the work to improve.

I have been applying basic tactics - playing tight early, stealing blinds mid and applying pressure near the money, tightening up again once itm to try and turn cashes into  1/2/3's.  I have tightened my range massively early on, refused flips where the reward does not justify the risk.  I am not too great   on describing my thinking but kow that this will improve through doing this blog.  I need to learn how to use boom to analyse hands and post them - task for next blog.

I have played a few mtt's cashed in a couple but no real stories there worth boring anyone with.  Going to contiinue playing the same games until I reach $50 then I will probably start playing the $0.50 45 turbo's.  I don't always have the discipline to play turbos but again this is something I am going to work on - I know I can beat them with work!