Hello Guys.

This is my fist time to play online poker here at Poker Stars, this program called "Poker School Online" give me everything to reach the final table. When I realize the tips wich are given by the PSO is so easy. It is like "Don't think about it"  "just keep it simple"  and "Don't do anything stupid" strategey. And it is working. I'm here not because of the money I want to reach the top to be the champ. But the problem is lots of bad players is playing online poker, the bad thing is they are not playing Poker anymore they are gambling! I hope they can visit this site and read some tips about the basic course etc. I want to promote this site if it is ok by creating patch and attach it to my ps sweater. so other palyers can check it out this site. More Power PSO! Keep rocking the table!

Thank you.