I think it’s time to test the waters again. Before I found PSO I hung out at various online poker rooms playing small stakes cash games and sit & go’s. I tried to build a bankroll, but it seemed that I was just giving my money away. Then, I found PSO. I love the game of poker. The money, or lack of playing for real money, never bothered me. That’s why PSO was a grest place for me to learn. I just wanted everyone’s best game. I feel I’ve patched a few holes in my game, and I have learned other games besides Holdem. I stopped playing online, but now I’m going to take another shot at the online jungle. I’m doing this more as an experiment to see what I can do with a $50.00 buy in at Poker Stars. I’m going to start with micro stakes cash games and a few $5.00 sit & go games mixed in. I will be updating this blog with my progress. My hope is that by keeping a blog of my progress the PSO community can keep me going in the right direction.