I've never been sent to the rail more than with pocket Aces! First hand in a NL Holdem tournament I look down at 2 Aces. The best starting hand, it has many nick names, American Airlines, Wepons of Mass Destruction, Pocket Rockets. I'm in the big blind so I'm hoping for a raise. Well I get my wish. 3rd player to act raises it to 300. We are starting with 10,000 so I do not want to get crazy so I reraise to 1,500 chips. I want to announce that I have a very good hand and I'm serious about playing it. No call, lets see the flop. He goes all in. I know right now I'm a 4.5 to 1 favorite, but I just got here. I do not want to lay this down so I make the call. I was right, I'm up against pocket queens. A queen on the flop and I'm out 33rd. What a sick feeling. I know one thing I'm either going to win a lot of chips or lose all of my chips. Look I know it's the best starting hand, but it's only a pair. Even top pair is very beatable. Can anyone tell me how to play this hand??? Would anyone lay them down the first hand in a tournament to an all in reraise?