Learning to play within my limits? I guess that has to be the biggest problem I have. This means both limits, financial and experience. One thing about PSO is that you can gather information about a player with a click of a mouse. So you know what kind of player you are against. Today I made one big mistake, which turned into two. First mistake was signing up for a $500.00 heads up match with only $1,000.00 bankroll. Second was not thinking about the talent of the player who would be sitting there waiting for me. I was doing very well at the $50.00 & $100.00 heads up games. But there was no one waiting at that level, but one player waiting at the $500.00 table. I tell myself, “I can take him.” Hey, maybe I could, but not at that price. I really needed a bankroll of $5,000.00 to sit down at that table. Well when I saw the profile of my opponent I knew this was going to be tough game. I had to show him I could play and that he could not run over me in case he saw my profile. It was working like a charm. I flopped trips twice and checked them to the river giving my opponent the chance to catch two pair and got paid off twice. Then I pick up pocket aces. I limp, he calls. The texture of the flop is not scary, I bet the minimum, my opponent re-raises, and I go all in. I have a 2 to 1 chip lead and hope he has Ace jack. He calls with a pair of 4’s, nice. He has 2 outs. The turn is a 4. Are you kidding me? I feel the blood trickle out of my nose as now I need a two outer on the river. Well my ace did not hit and now I’m the short stack. I do my best to recover, but for a while I was just a steaming pile of tilt. That is no way to play heads up. Then I just self destruct, and my opponent picked me off like the fish that I am. Now I have to battle back, dangerously close to refilling my bankroll. If there is anything good about this, it’s the fact that it was not real money and I can still make my mortgage payment.