Wow, I'm in a state of shock. Three hours ago, I signed onto a No-limit Holdem Tournament like I have hundreds of times before in the 4 years that I've been playing online poker. One thing was different this time. I won. I've cashed before and made a few final tables, but I have never closed the deal. It's 1:00am here and the wife has been a sleep for a few hours now. There is no one here to high five so I thought I would take a moment and write down how I feel. Poker and I have had a real love hate relationship over the last few years. I was about to stop playing because I was losing on a regular basis. Then I did a web search on poker schools and found PSO. The lessons really helped, I found some holes in my game. Just when I would think I was a player and would get full of myself the players here would punish me for stupid play. I would like to thank this site and many of the players here who have helped me with my game. What makes me keep coming back here even though it is for play money. The players here play like it is real money. Now I know it was only 59 players, but for me this is huge. So thank you to all the players who whooped me up and made me a better player. Here is the final hand: Hand Number: 436,661,192 Table Number: 6,108,779 Event Name: PSO Championship No Limit HoldEm (#3900912) Event Started: Friday May 11th 10:00:02 PM CDT 2007 Event Type: PokerSchool Online Tournament Event Buy-In: PSOC holdem$ 20 Total Prize Pool: PSOC holdem$ 1,180 Game: No Limit Hold 'em Level XVII: 1,500 Ante 5,000/10,000 Blinds (500 Minimum Chip) Average Stack: 295,000 (10,000 starting chips) Remaining Players: 2 (59 started) Seat 4 : Scooter_ starts with 81,000 Seat 8 : biggpokerfan starts with 513,500 Seat 8 : biggpokerfan has the dealer button >>>DEALING HOLE CARDS<<< biggpokerfan dealt down 9c 7d Scooter_ posts the ante 1,500 biggpokerfan posts the ante 1,500 biggpokerfan posts the small blind 5,000 Scooter_ posts the big blind 10,000 biggpokerfan raises 10,000 to 20,000 Scooter_ calls 10,000 >>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ Js 5d 9h ] Scooter_ checks biggpokerfan bets 43,000 Scooter_ raises 16,500 to 59,500 and is all-in biggpokerfan calls 16,500 Scooter_ cards were Qh Td biggpokerfan cards were 7d 9c >>>DEALING TURN<<< [ 4c ] >>>DEALING RIVER<<< [ 3c ] biggpokerfan wins 162,000 with a pair of nines >>>SUMMARY<<< Hand Ended: Saturday May 12th 12:52:13 AM CDT 2007 Total Pot: 162,000 Board: [ Js 5d 9h 4c 3c ] Seat 4 : Scooter_ (big blind) lost 81,000, showed hand [ Qh Td ] Seat 8 : biggpokerfan (small blind) bet 81,000, won 162,000, net +81,000, showed hand [ 7d 9c ]