Recently playing in alot of pso league and what im seeing is alot of people not playing cards, but just sitting there and letting their time run as long as possible so as to move forward in the standings. This doesnt show their skill as much as their patience.As i look through the standings they are doing well as far as rank is concerned. All be it i am not the greatest poker player as of yetbut between the school and courses on poker stars i am improving. Those who sit there and continue to allow their time to run just for the purpose of moving forward need to removed from the top of the league  and put to the test. They surely would not survive in a real game. The structure of the league is not who can wait the longest and get paid. maybe some corrections can be made and we can get back to playing cards instead of watching each other not bet and fold as time runs out. You people are taking the fun and sport out of it. you all suk and you know who you are.