It's been about two weeks since I last posted. Finished Jan. PSO  with the rank of 282th and 1827.19 score. Good but never good enough. In the NAPL finished 6th down from a high of 3rd. Didn't get itm in the last 7days of Jan. I think I chocked at the end of the month in both leagues. Try not to do that in Feb.

Have been playing fewer tourneys but more of them are real money. Most have been 90 player sng. In the top 25% most of the time but only one cash. I've played in 9 PSO touneys and rank 700th with the sore of   
1584.57. I'm not playing enough to get as high finish as last month. The reason I started PSO was to get my bame back to where I can play cash touneys at a profit again. I hope I at that point now. The only way to find out is to try.

There is something I'd like to talk about. That is stalling. I did it all the time. It helps my game. I finish higher doing it than I would have if I hadn't stalled. I know that stalling makes some other players mad. They thank I'm just wasting their tme, being rude, and it;s bad for the game of poker. They call me names tell me i have no idea how to play poker and wonder why Pokerstars even let me on the site. Dose this make me mad. No it dosen't. It tells me that they don't fully underand how online poker works and are leaving out a tool that can help even the worst player have better tounrey finishes. The biggest donks never use the clock and never will and I'm thankful for that.

Time is on the side of the good player.

Think you for reading me post