Some good some not. Over all I've been doing better since my last post. My rank in the league right now is
149th with 1849.25 pts. Had 4 cashs in a roll than a -15.11 for the last 5 tournys. Hit a high of 87th.
I did shot myself in the foot a bit with the -15.11points.

On the leaderboard for the NAPL Senior Division I'm 3rd. But have only made a few point since the last board up date. So it's not looking good for holding 3rd. But I think I'll finish the month in the top ten with out any more points than I have now.

The best finish was 26th in a $1.10 tourney with 6809 entrants on Jan. 25th.

Tried the new fifty50 S&G. Would have to change my game to much to be a winner. Do like how the pay out works. Even though I'm not going to be playing them I'm sure others will.

I'll be put my foucs on the NAPL and PSO League to the end of the month. Not sure why. Just seems like a good idea. Wish me luck or not.

Thanks for reading my post.