I've been playing touneys for the last three days. Stortest day was 11 hours+ and the longest was 17 hours+ . Looking at just the amount of time spend  I would have to say to much. But is it? Was the return
on time spent worth It.
Frist what tourneys did I play .

PSO League 6 Tournys   finishs of -1.38  -8.98  35.99  34.23  -13.77 -15.25  no of points change +30.84
Good or Bad ?  Bad!  The 2 with the big minus scores show that I played both torneys wrong early.
 2 maney  hands early. Trying 2 hit low % hands. Pushing bad cards at calling. Being a donk playing with the other donks.
Played some S&Gs 3 $2.20 90 entrant  Out just short of cash. If one or two hand gone my would have cash inat least one. Should do more of these.
Played 3 1.40 KO 9 entrant S&Gs  Won 1 + 3KOs for+$5.75 -$4.20 fora win of $1.55. Not mush but still  a bright spot.

Played in 4 large field touneys 1 $2.20 3 $1.10 Cash in one of four for $2.16. Was close to the money in two when the big donk in me made his big move. Busted me out and pi**ed me off. Ikeep trying to kill that donk. Don't think I ever will. Mayby I can chian him up and throw him in a deep hole.

I've been playing in 3 Home Games. Which are good win or lose. I'm learn how to play aginst better player and short handed.
Played in 6 touneys.  won $5.30 lost more. Paying to learn. Has been worth ever pennie.

Have been playing in the NAPL touneys. Been going out early in the freerolls. Don't like turbos.
Haven't cash in the Rookie $.10er . That donk makeing plays again. Two mid field outs in the senior
division and a 4th for a cash of $61.33. The brightast spot of the three days.

If this post isn't bore enough let me Know in commets and I'll try harder

Thanks for reading my post     bigbluesky18