Strange 2 weeks I've had. On the one hand, I hit a bit of a downswing in cashgames, lost about 3 buyins on one night, and decided to give those a rest.
Don't think I played too bad though, but had a couple of bad beats, and had to take a bit of a rest, cause I noticed I started playing bad.

I lost $7 bucks with 88, went allin on the flop (hit an 8 ) got called by QQ, Q on river
I lost $12 bucks with AA against QQ
I lost $4 bucks with AK agains 23
Then I overplayed my KQ, went bluffing with air and got called by a pair of 10s, that's when I realized I should give it a rest for a while. Lost about $40 on one day, playing .5/.10 and .8/.16
Luckily, I finished good in 2 tourneys (45 $1 and 90 $2.5) and made $32 on those, so my total loss wasn't too bad.

I decided to focus on the SNGs, and just play a couple of those per day (usually 2 at a time), and so far it's going pretty good (I think). Regular ITM finishes, increased my bankroll from $183.17 at the start of the month, to $227,87 today. Not going up as fast as it did, but still making a profit, and minimizing loss.

Graph of my sng results:

Pretty pleased with that so far.

Today, I had 2 tickets for promotional freerolls, with a $10k prize package. That didn't go too well.

The first one had 135 entries, and the 4th hand I had AK. Played that one not too good, to put it mildly.
I called an UTG raise preflop, and the flop came 8sKh6s. Opp put in a min raise, and I raised him, cause I thought I was good. Long story short, I let myself get suckered by KK, and had only 72 chips left after that. Three hands later I went allin with AQo, and was knocked out by KK.

Ah well... I had another chance 2 hours later, just 42 entries in that one, first 9 got payed a minimum of $350 bucks. Started of playing my usual tight start-game, looking for opportunities. Won a couple of small pots, and was doing ok. Then I made an aweful play with AJ. I was on the button, open raised and got a re-raise by the small blind. He was playing a bit loose and aggressive so far, so I did not give him credit for a big hand, and I called. Flop was 38A rainbow, and I thought my hand was good, and decided to check, with the intention to push over him. That happened, and the opp called, with AQ. No help for me, so I had 60 chips left. Went out 7 hands later, after I managed to triple up once, with A6s against AJs.

So, no free money for me, I made a couple of pretty big mistakes, and got punished for it. Meanwhile I did finish 2nd in a 45 $1 sng.

Then I saw the OSL tourney registering, and as I can hardly ever play them, I thought, ah well, lets try another freeroll.......

This is what happened the third hand:

I have another freeroll coming this saturday, for 10 tickets to the sunday million. I'm not too confident now, lol.