Today, one month ago, I deposited 50 euro ($64.63).

Recapping: I played around a bit on cashgames, mostly 5c/10c NL and made a nice profit, latter part of the month was difficult, lost a bit of my profit there, got less good hands, and made more mistakes (for different reasons).

I tried some tourneys from very early on, and didn't quite know how to play them. Got better with them the more I played, but had a streak of 16 in a row where luck was a bit against me, quite a bit of bad beats there, and that left me wondering how I go myself in that position in the first place. I got some results in, and on the last day of the month I made a jump into the 'green' numbers, with a second place finish in a $2.5 90man sng.

I read a lot, online and offline, watched the training video's and read the hand-analisys posts on the forum. Tried to identify my leaks and weak plays, and found a couple. I have a long way to go still, but I allready notice I'm playing and observing better than I did a month ago.

I tried a couple of Open Skill Leage games, but they're always at an awkward timespot for me: I work during the day, then one starts at about 19:00 my time, when I'm eating with the family, and the next starts at 23:00 my time, when I have to get ready to go to bed :wink:

So, after a month of learning and playing low stakes, my starting bankroll of $64.63 is now $183.17, so a 183.4% increase, which I find quite satisfying. I know it won't keep growing this way, and ofcourse I will have some negative months, but I try to mentally prepare me for that :-P

My most satisfying hand of the past month was one from the final table last night; I got my opponent to fold his better hand (he showed me JJ when he folded).

The end in the headsup came sudden. I was quite tired (was way passed my bedtime xD) and lost focus on the board. Didn't even see the flush draw....

Ah well... it was a nice deep run, rewarded with a nice bit of cash

Next month I think I focus a bit more on the tourneys, and try to get a bit more consistent in my results. Last night I played a bit tired, and should have avoided that, allthough it didn't seem to hinder my game in the last tournament I played, the earlier ones were bad. The last one I refound my focus, and managed to hold onto it until I lost it again while HU.

It was a nice ride this first month, and I'm looking forward to learn a lot more the coming months.