Allthough my bankroll took some hits the past week, I'm slowly edging my way up.
I had some bad luck with ladies (as is apparent from my forum post in the hand analysis section), and I lost about $5 on pocket kings. If I find the right table I mostly do allright and go away with a profit.

Tournaments were dramatic lately, so I left them alone for a bit. After a couple of days I decided to try them again, and things looked sunny again. I play mainly the $1 45 man sng, and played 1 or 2 a day.

Thursday wasn't so good. got short stacked again, went in with 88, opp had QK, and got a Q on  the river: 27th place. Second one I went in with AJo, wasn't my brightest move, opp had KK and I was out at 11th.

Friday I was  a bit lucky: with 3 people left I went allin with JJ, got called by KK, but I made my flush on the river. Finally I was on the other side :wink: I went on to win that one

Saturday I got knocked out at 6th (in the money, yay!), when I went allin with 99, and got called by KK. No help on the board for me.

Sunday was a strange day:
I played 2 tourneys, first one I got very short again, went in with JQ, got called by 77, and was out in 19th.
The second one went great. One a couple of big pots, and with 13 people left, I was second, and got dealt AA. I shoved and was called by KK. He got a K on the river. Wasn't too bad, cause I had him covered. The hand after the following, I got dealt AA again! A short stack went allin, and obviously, I called him. He had JQs, and made his flush on the turn!
So, in the timespan of 2 minutes, I went from 9k chips in second, to 900 chips in 13th. I survived a couple of hands after that, but the next time I went allin was with JQo, opp had A5o. No help for me on the board, and I was out.

Ye, I know, it's all in the game. But that one stung.

A little add-on:
Had a minor argument with my wife while playing... should've ended my cash-game right then and there.... I had trouble focusing after that, and blew away the $8 I had at the table on 2 stupid decisions. Ah well... I did close the poker client after that, but it was just 10 minutes too late :-|

Good luck all :wink: