I don't know how many people start with online poker dreaming they once can make a living just playing poker, and how many of them actually succeed. I didn't have that dream. When I started poker I just wanted to see how long I would last with my initial deposit of 50 euro, cause I had no intention of reloading. Good thing I didn't have that particular dream to blow up in my face, but the way I'm going, it's a good thing I still have a day job.

No, don't be afraid, this is not a whining story about bad beats, nor will I complain about poker illiterates who go allin every hand and manage to eliminate me. This isn't a story about a bust bankroll either, it's just some musings about my experiences the past couple of days, and what I make of them.

After 3 weeks of poker there's a lot I have learned, about the game itself, bankroll management, upswings, downswings, and the roll of luck. We all know the ****leness of lady luck at the poker table, and the last few days I managed to get myself in a situation that I had to challenge lady luck, and most of the time she let me down.

While analyzing my games, and even during play, I discovered some shortcomings in my game;
1: I have trouble letting go of made hands
2: I'm too tight

The fact I'm too tight isn't normally a bad thing at micro stakes, I think (correct me if I'm wrong), but folding when you're beat (and you 'know' you're bead), can be a serious problem. It's the thing I'm determined to work on first. It partly has to do with observing you're opponent, but the funny thing is, most of the time I didn't fold, I knew I was beat, but I still called. That happened to me mostly in the sng's, and while it most of the time didn't eliminate me, it brought me to a short stack position where I had to hand over my fate to lady luck. The first time that happened the past few days was in a single table sng, lady luck smiled at me: I doubled up 4 times in a row, and managed to win the heads up. Then she had enough of my idiot calls (or raises on occasion) and I got this:

- set Js against a flush on the river
- KK against AK, A on the river
- 66 against AK, K on flop
- KQ against JJ, K on flop (jay!), but J on river
- set 8s against AJ, straight on river
- KK against QQ, Q on flop
- AK against QQ, board came up with 2Ks..... and a Q
- AK against QJ, Q on flop
- AK against Q10, board came up with 2 10s
and finally: AJ against A7, 7 on flop

Most of the times I was (marginally) ahead pre-flop, but got knocked out anyway. I could have avoided some of the all-ins (not all of them obviously.... I still would call an allin with KK preflop.... I think.....), if I didn't have wasted my stack away in previous hands.

Ring games (.05/.1) are going pretty good. Thanks to those I'm still turning a profit (although friday I joined a table, got dealt QQ on my first hand at the BB, and got shot down for the full $8 by pocket As). I do think I'm not reaching my full potential though, as I have trouble loosening up my play at tight tables. I'm usually ahead in cash after I stop playing for the day, but it's not a whole lot. On the other hand... I don't lose a whole lot either. And I don't know if loosening up my game at the 5c/10c table will make my earnings higher....

Two things to work on while playing.... I have still so much to learn, I think I'll handle those 2 first.

Good luck at the tables all 8)