My good fortune lately has run out a little. I had a couple of suckouts falling my way, and some nice cards, which gave me some nice results, but now a combination of not really paying attention, a bit of bad luck, and more unplayable hands than I was used to, is the cause of a couple of mediocre to bad results.

My bankroll hasn't really suffered, cause the losses from tourneys I got back playing ringgames, but there's not much of a profit the past couple of days. Mind you, I'm not complaining! I discovered a great passtime, and so far it doesn't cost me a cent (on the contrary, lol), and I feel I still learn a great deal.

Last night, for example, I got thrown out at 32nd place from the $1 45 sng I was playing. I got dealt JJ twice in the 22 hands I lasted, and the first cost me way more than it should have. Second one I got out reasonably on time, but my stack was very low by that time. My final hand, well... I didn't really pay attention to the board cards, was determined to get my chips in, I think.
Here are the hands:

I did have a 18,14 and 11 place finish, didn't make many mistakes there, I think, but in the last tournament (the 11th place), I think I might have gotten the opponent to fold, if I just had pushed preflop instead of just a raise. Now he called my raise, and hit his 4 on the flop. He checked and I made a wrong move by pushing.

And that situation is exactly the thing I can improve most on, I think. Knowing when -NOT- to push. I've had a couple of times when I just pushed allin when my opponent just hit the jackpot (trips, one time even quads), and checked on the flop.

Another example of me not paying attention last night: I registered for a mtt tourney last night, and didn't even notice it was FL until I tried to bet a hand. Never played a lot of FL, and I don't like it much. It's a bit slow, and yesterday I got knocked out because I couldn't really protect my hand:

Wasn't my final hand that tournament, but in NL I would've gone allin, and if he'd called me then, well I would've called it a suckout and went on with my live. Now I'm just asking myself if I should've played it differently. As I don't plan on playing much FL it isn't a question I beat myself up about, but if anyone has any input on the hand, please feel free.

I had 2.5BB left after that hand, so it was all over fast, but.... I did finish 20/187 and the first 45 were itm, so not a bad result at all.

I did take John's (JWK24) advice, and watched the first of two training video's from Andre, on HU play, didn't have the occasion to try his tips out yet though :-P . Probably gonna watch the second one today.