Last friday I wrote about my first win after trying a $1 45man sng for the first time, so I decided to stick with those for a while.

Saturday I played 3 of those, and reached the final table once. I made a couple of mistakes (see my post from saturday), but had lot's of fun anyway.

Sunday I played 2 again. First one I got knocked out at 22nd, started playing right after I woke up with my first cup of coffee of the day in my hand. Not my best time of the day, resulting in my worst result so far, lol.

After my second cup of coffee, I played another tourney, and had a little luck playing that. The 3rd hand into the tourney I got dealt 99 UTG, and decided it was good enough to play. In hindsight I doubt if I should have called the BB push, but here's how it played out:

Two hands later, with me on the button, I got dealt pp 10, and decided to 3 bet a raise from the player on CO. He called me, and raised on the flop, which showed 1 overcard (a J). As the raise wasn't even half the pot and I had a deep stack, I decided to call to see what the turn might bring. If the turn didn't approve my hand, I would fold. Here's how that played out:

So, 5 hands into the tourney, I was the chipleader with a nice stack, and could wait out the events a bit.
Cards dried up a bit then, but after a couple of rounds I was dealt AQo in middle position. I opened with 3BB and got called by the CO. The flop was 78Q with 2 diamonds, I hit my Q, but was weary of a flushdraw. Here's that hand:

Didn't get a nice hand for about 15 minutes, but I was more than happy to just look at others trying to knock each other out, as I was quite comfortable in the lead. I did get involved sometimes with marginal hands, but got rid of them when they flopped nothing. Then I got dealt QQ UTG, and got involved again:

After that I picked up a couple of small pots, lost some blinds, player number 10 left the tourney, so I was at the final table in the lead. Then I got dealt 89o in the BB. Usually I just fold that, but this time there were 2 limpers, so I happily checked. Flop was A29, and the first limper bet about the pot. As I hit middle pair, and he just limped preflop, I didn't give him credit for an A right away, but was weary he might have. I had a deep stack, so I just called. Here's the hand:

A while later with 8 players left (the bubble), I got dealt 68o on the BB, 1 player limps, so I decide to bully him a bit. I wanted to put him all in, but I type in the wrong amount, so he has about 300 left should he call. He moves all in. As it's only 300 more I call. I realize by know he must have something, so I'm not too surprised when he shows QQ. Here's that hand:

I really haven't much time now to finish the whole tournament review, but here's what happend:

With 3 players left I made a mistake and lost almost all my stack. Was down to about 1200 chips, and then doubled up 3 times. Fought my way back to the Heads Up, and managed to win the tourney.

So, after 6 times I played the $1 45 man sng, I reached the final table 3 times, and won it twice, not too bad for someone who started playing for money 2 weeks ago. :wink: