Ah well, let's call it my first steps into online poker, cause we all know that Zynga Poker just isn't poker.

Poker has intrigued me for a while now, and thought I was reasonably aware of the different tactics. After the disappointment of the Bingo style poker at Zynga, I hadn't tried anything else. As I'm not really a casino visitor, I hadn't plaid poker in about a year (that is, if you count Zynga as poker, if you don't count it as poker, I really hadn't played at all....)

I had a week off work the last week of december, and decided to try out pokerstars, and created an account. I noticed that the play money tables and tournaments weren't really that much of a difference from Zynga, so, after a week of annoying myself, I decided to make a one time deposit of 50 euro, to try and see how long it would last me, so on the second of januari, I played my first poker for money.

I started out in the ring games on the 0.01/0.02 tables, and noticed a difference in play right away. When people play for real money, even if it's pennies, they start to play different.

I made a little profit, and got intrigued. What makes a good poker player? So I decided to keep track of my winnings and losses, and thought I would try out some different formats (mtt, sng).

My first mtt's and sng's weren't particularly successfull, but I kept making money at the ring games (moved up a little to 0.05/0.10 and 0.10/0.25), and after my first week I had doubled my money, which surprised me.

I kept reading, and practicing in mainly sng's. A couple of multi table sng's, where I never ended up in the money, but I managed to reach second place in 4 single table sng's. With a big thanks to the sng course of PSO, where I learned some tacktics that proved extremely usefull. Also I reached a money place (714) in a mtt  of 5727 entrants. I only got 0.12 for my 0.1 buyin, but I was mightily satisfied with myself.

As I played more tournaments (I'm at the moment not comfortable with playing at multiple tables at once), I played less ring games, and even lost about $20 in the ring games.

This evening, I decided to try a multi table sng of 45 entries, and it was a roller coaster ride. A couple of times I was close to elimination, but each time I managed to scrape back, and for the first time in my poker carreer, I won a tourney, and received a nice 12.73 for my 1 investment.

So, this week ends up in a high mood. I lost some, I won some, and ended up at the level I started this week, but still about twice the money I deposited.

I still wonder how long it will last me :wink: