It has been a while since I last blogged and I think it's time I got back to it. At least every once in a while. Just so those that were hoping I had died can't celebrate yet

Most of the blogs I have written have been kind of bi-polar in their nature. Either insanely happy that I have had a great month or insanely pessimistic because I have had a terrible month. So this one is unique in that I am in a fairly 'meh' mood when it comes to poker right now.

I haven't had a winning month since April finished, May and June were pretty horrible results wise, and I hurt myself a lot by putting pressure on myself to achieve more than my talent allowed, which was to crush 25NL Zoom at the first attempt. That wasn't realistic but I wanted so bad to do well, I even took coaching, and while I was being coached I actually reached bankroll peaks a couple of times. Sadly, things took a nose dive while my coach was on a well deserved vacation. 

At the end of June my bankroll plunged while at 25NL, July 1st continued on the same basis, and I took an imposed 30 day break at that point. 

August and September were winning months by bb/100 but due to my proclivity for mixing stakes I was actually losing because things went awry at the higher stakes that I played (Mostly 10NL Zoom and 16NL Regular tables).

October has been very swingy again so far, I was ahead quickly, then I was very much down as quickly again. Right now I am sitting slightly ahead after a couple of days good results at 25NL Zoom.

I'll stick a couple of graphs in at this point before finishing off:

The first graph here is the year to date, I was happy with the first half of the year, but I completely lost focus through the middle of the year. I want to play solid the rest of the year.

As can be seen from the all time graph, I am still very much ahead, but when things kind of stall it can be hard to stay motivated and to avoid tilt. So I have a lot to work on.

I can take some of the pressure off myself due to other things I am doing (Mainly a form of sports betting) that is making some nice income for me. So I can relax and focus on improving, if I allow myself, and I think I owe it to myself to try.

Poker is a wonderful game.

Good luck in your games!