To anyone who has read my thread in 'Challenges and Battleground' it will be clear that I have felt pretty distraught about how things have gone Pokerwise in the last 6 weeks or so.

I elected not to make a May Review blog because frankly, I was pretty depressed about Poker, how my bankroll halved in a matter of days and in a pretty brutal way. It was some bad play and, as can also be seen from the graph below, some pretty brutal suckouts by villains against me.

It would be foolish of me not to accept that at one point the graph shows me somewhat above EV, so its not like I can say I never run good, it just really hurt that I ran bad when I was taking a shot at 25NL. For the most part, I think I played solidly, probably quite an inelegant style but frankly I didn't actually feel the need to get out of line during the shot. While there are a lot less fish at 25NL compared to 2NL and 5NL (That should really go without saying) there are still enough that you can play fairly ABC poker and still make a profit.

The big difference is that players at 25NL tend not to stack off anywhere near as much when drawing dead. If they stack off while behind, its generally a flip, or with 30% equity rather than 12% or 5% and as a consequence they hit their outs more often.

All the above taken into account, I am still in profit, and when money from staking and MTT's and STT's are taken into account I am still very much in profit for the year. The graph to date is below:

So it shouldn't be doom and gloom all the time from me which is what my thread seems to degenerate into a lot of the time. I get the impression it makes pretty pathetic reading but if nothing else it shows that I do care about the game and I care enough to put some genuine thought into it. Of course, absence of emotion makes a better poker player, but I can't master that.

Another consequence of the brutal downswing at the tables and in my mood was the fact that I removed all poker contacts from my Skype. I doubt most people were remotely bothered but it was nothing personal. 

I've been playing some 2NL in the last few days and after a further downswing there I moved back into profit at 2NL for the month today (Really only 4 days) so that is roughly an 8BI turnaround. And I ran a little bad there too so that's some going.

I'm going to make my way back to 10NL. Probably reducing tables to start off with so that I can put more thought into things until I get my confidence back. I'll take it slowly. There are a decent amount of PSO members at 10NL and I don't want to run into good players before I am ready to deal with the variance at that level.

Good luck everyone.