April was a great month so not sure why it has taken me so long to get this review together this month, but here it is, better late than never.


$206.59 for the month. 

This was my best month to date, it included a massive heater during the middle part of the month, where my bankroll swole by about $167 before I had a bad day again. All said though I am super happy with how the month went.

I'm still aware that some of my play last month was likely less than optimal and that while I can get away with that at 2NL/5NL/10NL (Less so at 10NL of course) that in moving higher than that I will need to really become more disciplined in my play. 

I feel that I know what I am meant to do in most situations now but actually doing it in game can be a lot harder than when I am able to sit back and take a few minutes to look at situations.

One example of a hand I really botched but got away with:

I posted it for review in the forums as a means of punishing myself really as I knew it was really quite horrible play that I just happened to get away with on this occasion. The guy almost certainly just folded what was a worse hand or a really nitty fold with top pair or something.

The months play left the years graph looking like this:

Just over $400 for the year. Delighted with that.

Next months review will include some 25NL as I look to take some shots at the higher level in a planned fashion rather than a titled shot like before.

Good luck all.