I usually look forward to writing these things but this month has been one of those months when nothing really got going for me. I'd barely tilted at all in the year to date before the early part of this month, but tilt returned in emphatic form, and it was costly.

I entered the month without having had a losing day in the year and I was really looking forward to continuing that feat even though I had skipped 5NL (I have played some 5NL but very little compared to 2 and 10NL) and moved to 10NL.

That was not realistic and it wasn't fair on myself, and it cost me in the end, as when it was clear I was going to have a losing day I jumped to 50NL and tried to win a big pot, instead, I lost it (Figuratively and literally) and it really dented both my graph and my confidence.

So, speaking of graphs, here is the cash graph for the month:

You can probably see where the 50NL hand came into the mix when the graph plummets and then continues a more moderate up and down themse.

-$74.72 was the final result. My most depressing month for quite some time.

On the bright side, I played some MTT's and STT's, the STT's are generally the 235FPP Storm Sats as I have mentioned before in my blogs, the results of these have been very positive and in fact dragged me into profit overall for the month. Given how bad I feel about my game this month it has at least been positive financially, albeit less than a quarter of a buy-in at the stakes I am trying to crack.


As I mentioned in my thread in the Challenges and Battleground section. I took the decision to take all my money of Pokerstars for the time being. I'm not playing on other sites or anything either.

I think now is the time to take a proper break, not just a week, something longer than that.

This will mean that this month I will likely lose Silverstar status but to be honest, that status means nothing at all to me, apart from the multiplier for FPP's. 

So, time for a game reset, I have looked into coaching and will actively pursue that. I've already recorded a video showing my play and will do some more.

I'm also going to make a second blog in a short time about my lifetime results so far. It took a number of hours to download all my hands and import them to HEM but it was worth it I think to get a rounded view, more on that later.

Good luck at the tables!