Can't really believe that we are already into March. The first two months of the year seem to have really flown by. At least we are now entering the period of the year where public holidays feel as if they are every other weeek in the part of the world I live in. So plenty of opportunities to grind.


Okay, so February was a nice month at the tables, I played a decent amount of cash games and was very sparing with my tournament play ie. I played less than ten.

Some of that ten were not for myself but I played one week of the tourney venture the Bankroll Co-Op Team (See Challenges and Battleground forum) are running, I finished it in profit, but as I am not the most comfortable in tournaments I felt it wise to get out while ahead for the group rather than bringing them down.

All in all, I am pretty happy with how I played last month, there were definitely some periods that were difficult during sessions but I managed to bring things round.

February's graph:

The start of the month was a little up and down, the first 15,000 hands or so were actually played within the first three days of the month, ouch, no wonder that I then had a day or two off after that to let my brain cool down a bit.

After that point I settled back in to a more leisurely grind, didn't play long sessions unless I felt it was for the right reasons (Playing well), and it went well.

Towards the end of February I started to mix in more 10NL to my grind, this is quite important for me, this is the level before the stakes make a big jump to 25NL. 2.5x 10NL. So I need to play at this level with a level of consistency so that should I move up I am well prepared for it.

I've posted some hands in the forum that I played recently, but, for this blog, I will just post the biggest hand I played last month. It was one I got reviewed as well, and Felix said he would play it the same way, so I am happy enough with that:

The result doesn't show here for some reason, but, they both had AK and were drawing dead on the turn when the money went in.

Running total for the year: $273.12 plus some tourney earnings, I think they bring me to $300+ but I need to work on HEM to get the results up to date, hopefully I will do that before next month.

Good luck all!