So as part of my yearly goals for 2014 I committed to submitting my game to regular review from outside. As I am on a lmited bankroll with regard to poker it makes sense to do this by availing of the knowledge of the excellent coaching staff here at PSO.

I noticed my name up in lights on Tuesday night (The Live Training strapline at the top of the forum that you see if you sign up early to trainings), signalling that this Saturday was my time again and my game would be under some scrutiny:

That is the link to the live training session tomorrow evening and I invite anyone with an interest to come along.

I don't profess to be the best player in the world, in fact, I continually question my game and my ability. I think that is pretty healthy to a degree. I want to improve so much. I think this will help.

Its not the first sleuth session I have had, the last one was last year, and I provide the links below:

That was when I was playing full-ring, looking at my stats, wow, a 9/7 outright full-ring nit. I loosened up after that. That style gets you so far. I actually progressed to 10NL regular speed tables where over a couple of hundred thousand hands I had a win rate of about 5-6 bb/100.

A bad December where I ran 9BI below EV kind of robbed me of my confidence, even though I knew I was getting the money in ahead. So I switched to 6 max as an experiement and as a break from normal games. I enjoyed it, I stuck with it, and I want to stay with it for the long term.

I want to move up soon, this review will help me I think, and offer pointers that help games I am currently playing.

It's kind of nerve racking having your play on display. It will be worth it though.