Well, January was eventful, lots of stuff happening on and off the felts. Some of it good, some of it bad and some of it left me feeling temporarily really down in the dumps. I'll try not to dwell on the downs at all in this blog because it will not serve me any benefit at all.

Quickly looking back, I decided to challenge myself to play 6 max cash games last December, I had been playing 10NL Full Ring for a number of months and while I was winning there it was beginning to become a little stale for me. I was not enjoyed it all that much and I was finding the grind increasingly difficult as time went on.

While I do not agree that full ring is full of nits, far from it in fact, the fact that you get to play less hands was annoying really. I'm a tighter player than most, and at full ring, that means playing a very small percentage of hands.

The challenge was set for December, and I ran some pretty good numbers for December at 6 max, the results of which can be seen in previous blogs.

Having successfully tried 6 max, I decided to keep going with it into January, and by and large it has been another very positive experience on the tables. It has not all been smooth sailing of course.

I've added some lines to the graph above to show breakeven periods. Break even periods are fine, everyone has them, but in general people tend to lose one day and grind it back the next, having come back to the tables with a new vigour. I've tortured myself a little and simply sat at the tables until I have made my way back to even or profit.

Some would say it shows perserverance and possibly others would say it is folly. There was no guarantee that I would ever make it back to profit, variance has no memory, just because your Aces got cracked the last two times you got it in does not mean it won't get cracked three times in a row. So the merits of playing like this are not clear to me at all, and I tend to think I am doing more damage than good in the long run, because I could end up turning a 7BI drop into 14BI drop or worse.

I'd said I would try not to dwell on downsides too much so I will throw in some figures:

Positive figures at every stake. Some sample sizes are bigger than others of course. 

The end totals for the month are:

Profit/Loss Current Month: $114.81 (Cash) + $19.59 (Tournament) = $134.40 (Overall)

Hands Played: 35,300
VPP's earned: 622

One final note, I have submitted my hands for review, to one of the excellent Live Trainers here at PSO. With that I not only achieve one of my stated goals for the year but I will also get to learn more about where I am going wrong in my game. Gain more pointers on how I can put myself in position to move up stakes.

I'm looking forward to it but as always it can be hard to hear criticism at times so I will go into it with my ego firmly in check and ready to listen.

Good luck everyone.