I thought I would peer into Holdem Manager and see how I had done since I switched to 6 max games from my usual grind of Full Ring. With the exception of a couple of days, the results have been pretty positive.

I exported the results to a spreadsheet for my own ease of viewing.

As I said, the results have been good for me, considering this is a game that is generally more aggressive than Full Ring. I was a nit at full ring and I am probably a nit at 6 max too. There have been a lot of big value hands in there and on some occasions I have got it in too light.

While the results above are positive, I have found myself at times, playing to the point of distraction in order to not have a losing session. On the 19th and 20th January I got down a few Buy-ins quickly, I played over 8000 hands on these two days, and I was mentally exhausted following those sessions.

It got to the point where I never wanted to see another hand again, and indeed I didnt play a hand from 21/01/14-25/01/14. Being very bored yesterday and today I played some more again. As much as possible on Pokerstars and elsewhere when connection dropped out. I put in decent volume again, didnt play brilliantly, but did enough to put myself over the $200 mark since 01/12/13.

I think I need to manage my game better though. I dropped stakes, which meant I needed to increase volume, I need to re-examine whether this is the best avenue for me to take. I set my goals to play 2NL and 5NL but I think I might be better playing 5NL and 10NL with lower volume. I will drop in bb/100 but I think this is a necessary evil in order to give myself more of a break from the tables. 

If I am going to continue playing then I have to work Poker around the rest of my life and not the other way round.

I'll post lots of boring updates along the way I am sure.

Good luck everyone!