First of all, I want to start this blog by saying a big 'Well Done' to Sentras for taking down the Big Bang last night. I didnt get to see a lot of the later stage of the tournament as there were a myriad of things going on at the same time. I'd say it was well deserved though going by the little I did see.

The tournament for me was a bit of a weird one. It was my mum's birthday yesterday and we were going out for dinner, as it happend, the restaurant was very busy and we have to go a little earlier than envisaged. We werent rushed at all and it wasn't the case that I was straining to get back for the tournament but once I got back to the house and saw I still had chips, I thought I might as well see if I could make something of it.

So, 156 hands into the tournament, I am dealt JT on the button and it is unopened when it reaches me. I have 3bb. It's likely to be the best situation I am in, so I shove, and am totally dominated. Thankfully, the poker gods were kind.

I'm still behind on the flop. only splitting on the turn but the river is a god send.

What follows, is a lot of push/fold play. With it being the Big Bang there were very few people willing to make big calls. My table was particularly tight it seems. I chipped up a decent amount by the time the next called shove happened.

Again, I get it in while dominated, but I am treated well again by the gods and I double up and I am actually in a very reasonable position at this stage. A lot of the players who have been present for the entire tournament are now actually sitting with smaller stacks than me.

Another series of uncalled all in follows in the next 50 odd hands as we approach the slowdown around the bubble. I manage to sustain my stack with these shoves before getting moved to a table where most players actually have me covered. 

Quite disgustingly, I end up folding AKs and KK on the direct bubble, my stack was such that a double up wasnt going to guarantee me a deep run. The cash, in a tournament that I was sitting out for a long time, was fairly important as I have made a withdrawal in December and am grinding up again. It's a freeroll too, the ROI of winning $10.91, on a freeroll is incalculable. It is literally free money and I was loathe to miss out on it.

Anyway, the bubble burst, and I finally bust when I got it in bad again with this hand.

I still had outs on the river, but it wasnt to be, I can be immensely happy with the result in a tournament I thought I was certain to miss.

Good luck on the tables!