My final monthly review of the year is unfortunately not one that I am particularly going to enjoy writing. I guess technically, I am in profit, but it has just felt like a pretty horrible month all round. There are a couple of reasons for that and the first one can be explained by a graph:

While I am a loser for the month on merit, it has been a very difficult month for me to deal with, as it is the first where I have run into this level of variance and at the highest level I have played ie. 10NL. 

I'll not pretend that I have played all that well throughout the month, but, its been one of those where I get the money in behind and lose, then I get the money in ahead and I still lose. We have to deal with these things I guess but I can't pretend that I deal with it all that well. I was looking forward, upwards, and hoping to move on to higher stakes but now I am left with the nagging feeling that I can compete at the lower levels but can't hack it at the mid levels of the micros.

Its been far from all bad though, to be fair, at 2NL/5NL I have hit a decent return which more or less has equalised the losses at 10NL. Graph below:

This has been augmented by 235FPP Sunday Storm Sats:

I have managed to make $33 from the last 3.

I'm guessing that I should really stop whining at this point in the blog, it has, afterall, been far from a catastrophic month for me. I've tried 6 max games and had some success at it. For a FR nit I have managed to get something working at the lowest levels of the 6 max world. I'm not sure I have the aggressive nature to do well too much higher up but I guess I will need to learn how to be more aggressive.

2014 Goals:

In my last blog I said I would set out some goals for next year. Alas, I don't feel ready to do that yet, I'm in a pretty low mood at the minute and I don't think now is the time to goal set. I will enjoy Christmas with my family first and consider poker after that. 

I've also just taken delivery of a new generation console which I hope will keep me busy and away from the poker tables for a little while. 

Best of luck to everyone else with their goal setting and, of course, the rest of this year.