My Poker Year in Review:

It is that time of year when it is time to take stock of our poker achievements and failures. Look at what we have done well and what we need to improve on. This year that will actually be a fairly pleasurable experience but I had no great goals.

Last year was my first year playing poker, having only taken it up around April 2013, and even at the end of the year I was still pretty lost in the game. Neither knowing what I wanted to do or how I was going to achieve it. My volume was low and my results were poor, not horrible, but nothing to get me remotely excited about the game. 

With that in mind, and the Time Vault promotion, I set some faiarly modest goals compared to some. So, what were they?

2013 Goals:

I want to achieve at Chrome Star at least once this year.

I want to achieve 500 VPP's before the middle of the year to earn the bonus I became entitled to after passing the SnG course on PSO. That will be worth $20 to me.

I want to achieve my Stellar award target for the year which is 750 VPP's.


I achieved Chrome Star in all but the first year of the month. Not only did I do that but I also achieved Silver Star on 7 different occasions. Given my severe lack of volume last year I never, ever, thought that would have been remotely possible. I think I was inspired to achieve this by my participation in the Sunday Million 7th Anniversary. I won the ticket through an excellent PSO promotion which ran over 10 weeks, giving 10 chances, I was lucky to be the fourth chosen. This tournament awards a huge number of VPP's for a micro stake player and it got me into thinking what was possible if I increased volume.

I'm not sure exactly when I passed the 500 VPP mark for the year but it was well before the middle of the year. I got the PSO deposit bonus, and, being someone who likes to get value for money this again inspired higher volume when further deposit bonuses became possible at various points in the year. 

My yearly VPP target was 750 VPP's.

As can be seen, I kind of smashed that target, and with still time left in the year. To put that yearly total into context, I have shown my lifetime VPP total below, running from April 2012.

I think I can be fairly satisfied that what little ambition I had for the year 2013 was achieved, not just achieved, but bettered by some significant distance.

Non-stated goals:

Of course, every poker player wants to be profitable, and I can say that I am profitable but not the degree to which I have been in profit for the year. This is due to some bad record keeping on my part and some misfortune when I lost my database in late October when my laptop failed on me.

I do know that I am ~$600 up over what I have deposited since the middle of the year and that before that I was also ahead of my deposits. Deposits that were made for bonuses etc. rather than because I bust my bankroll

Next year I plan to make this a priority so that I can truly measure how well, or badly, I have done.


While I can be happy with how my year has gone poker wise I do have a number of regrets. None more so than when I have lost my temper because of what has happened on the online felts. More than a few times I have struck out against inanimate objects when suffering a bad beat etc. which, frankly, is pathetic. It's a game, yeah, and yeah, its played with real money, but the amount of money I am putting at risk is not enough on its own to cause me any financial distress. I need to get over the fact that I cant get every decision right at the tables and give myself some more leeway as I am still a relative beginner at this game. 

My next blog will be what I want to achieve in 2014 - one of them will definitely be to spend more time studying the game and trying to learn how I can improve. I havent done this nearly enough this year. I need to improve note taking and other away from the table activities. Those two small things can make a big difference.

If you read all of this, thanks for doing so, and good luck at the tables.