For the last few months I couldnt wait to write up my end of month review and post it, the review for last month though was a bit different, the end of the month ended with a slump and from a poker point of view I felt thoroughly depressed about things. 

There is the graph, it was a low volume month because I lost use of my laptop and was left playing one table on my tablet device (Yeah, I know, first world problems), which was extremely frustrating it has to be said. 

It led to  frustrated lunging attempt at 50NL Zoom where I somehow managed to cling back an almost breakeven session after being stacked early. I posted my big winning hand for review and while I didnt play it perfectly I was given 'props' on my river call for a $60 or so pot. Needless to say I frantically beat the 'Sit-out next big blind' option after that hand. I made a ridiculously big raise when I was sat in the SB with AA just so that no-one dared play smaller pairs unless we were playing with stacks and I was getting it in ahead.

I think it is fair to say that I ran quite badly at the end of last month, I was getting the cards in ahead but they werent holding for me, I guess there is nothing more I can ask of myself.

This month I am currently in profit, but 10NL started off in a similar vain, all I can ask when I post my end of month review is that I can say I have been getting the money in good. Hopefully the rest will look after itself.

One last thing, due to a number of factors, I can report a bankroll high point for me despite the breakven stretch I have been going through at my main game (10NL FR).

Good luck everyone!