I started my 6 max challenge last week and it has been a pretty good week for the challenge. My intention at the outset was to reach $40 and I would then allow myself to take shots at 5NL 6max after that. This is still the intention but the action at 2NL has been so much fun that if 5NL is more of a grind I might keep at 2NL for significant periods of the week and play 5NL at weekends when the action is usually looser for the most part.

My graph for the challenge to this point:

Aside from the start of the challenge it has been pretty smooth upwards slant.

The biggest hands of the challenge actually happened today. The first one I am posting in this blog is an example of why making small raises in cash games with big hands and inviting people in is often a bad idea. There is a fine balancing act between getting value and making sure a hand goes to the flop multi-way. Villains gave me odds to call at all points and when I was given the chance to close the action second time round I gladly took it. The rest is history.

The second biggest hand of the challenge was also today. When the flop went multi-way despite my squeeze I wasnt best pleased until the flop came. At that point the hand played itself and with some dead money in there too it was a nice pot to take against two villains who really shouldnt have been in there. I've seen a lot of posts recently about hating playing against bad players. This is why it can be so profitable. Take your big hands to showdown and dont play big pots against wide ranges with marginal hands.

I'm also slowly grinding my way towards the $50 Stellar Reward so if and when I reach that it will be a nice little boost.

This is my first full year of playing poker. Next year will be my first full year as a cash game player. Given my small volume last year this year has been crazy.  I dunno how many hands I have played in total but it is kind of nuts to think it is probably somewhere close to half a million hands. As I start to plan my goals for next year I will be carefully considering what volume I can manage while holding down a full-time job and running my home etc. It can be a difficult balancing act.

I'll post soon about my grind last month and also future goals. 

Good luck on the tables.