I posted a quick review of October at the end of last month but I didnt have a graph or hands available to post as my laptop gave up on me and I had no access to my hand histories and/or Holdem Manager to check my exact progress. 

At 10NL I managed to go through the entire month not having a losing session at 10NL. This involved some amount of run good but in the end I wasnt unduly lucky thought some of my decision making could probably have been better in a number of areas.

I ended the month with a bb/100 of 17.4 and ev adjusted it was 16.6. That was insane, though enjoyable while it lasted, and for the first time in months I was able to reduce my overall play but still make some money and some VPP's to ensure I stayed at silverstar and retained the 1.5 multiplier for FPP's.


Above is the graph for 10NL, I think it looks kind of pretty, and the unending upward slant was really nice. Overall for the month I banked $136.22 in cash games for my best month to date.

I've picked out one hand from last month that I think was very important for me, it happened on the second day of the month, and I had been having a rough session, was down for the day, and had loaded up a late night session against my better judgement.

This hand wasnt difficult to play of course as the board run-out made it unlikely that I was beat at any point in the hand although the J turn did cause some measure of concern. It got me above breakeven for the day. It set the tone for the rest of the month.

November hasnt been quite as easy but I guess that can wait until my next blog.

Good luck at the tables.