This month has been one of great results at the tables but sadly it's being brought to a premature end by a software failure on my laptop meaning that I am unable to multi table my preferred stakes of 10nl as it's just not possible to get the same volume in when you can't  8 table.

Anyway, to the good stuff, this month I made new high points in bankroll, individual monthly profit being $127, $111 of that at 10nl at a bb/100 of 17/100. I've been feeling more secure in my game and this has shown through in results. 

I'll not pretend every hand has been played perfectly but I have generally posted hands for analysis when I have been unsure of how I played a winning hand. I've come in for some criticism for how I played those hands but I am willing to take the advice on board. 

I've found some space to make some higher variance plays that I would have been loathe to at 10nl a few months ago. Calling down against LAGs. Shoving over a turn overbet with third pair on a 3 flush board when there were also two over cards. 

A couple of shots at 25nl haven't ended too well due to getting it in ahead but against aggressively played draws where villains had plenty of equity. That's been unfortunate as I want to take more shots and it would be nice to run well the odd time when taking them. 

Following those shots I have always managed to go back to my own stakes and turn profit again.

Now that my monthly grind has come to an end I can declare that I went the entire month without a losing day at 10nl. I'm immensely proud of that. A number of times during sessions I was down a couple or so buy-ins and grinded my way back to profit, correcting my play where necessary and adapting to tables.

i owe a lot to PSO trainers. While I am not doing everything correctly a lot of the concepts that are being taught are being added to my game and they have paid off so far. So, to Felix, Gareth and Dave a hearty thank you.

i wish I could add a graph or two to this blog but maybe that can wait until my laptop woes are over.

Good luck everyone.