Its the end of the month so naturally we are all taking stock of where we are in our performances. I'll not rehash most of what I said in my last blog and just keep this to facts and figures in the main.

I end the month with a $72.40 profit which was secured through a mixture of 10NL and 2NL regular speed tables. And also some 25NL. As can be seen from the graph. A lot of the early period of the month was treading water and things then picked up towards the end of the month.

I've played 23,433 hands this month across the stakes and earned a total of 610 VPP's. I played two 235FPP Satellites to the Sunday Storm, winning one of them, for T$11. I really think these are the best use of FPP's. Buying bonuses for micro stakes players is extremely inefficient.

Added to this, GarethC23's excellent run to the final table of the Sunday Storm netted a further $106 profit.

I have a lot to work on within my game. I am still making a lot of mistakes, mostly careless ones, but there are fundamental game play mistakes in there too that I need to work on if I am ever to move up stakes.

I've considered taking coaching in the past and I think I may be at a point where I am ready to receive coaching. This will be something to explore over the next month or two. 

I sincerely wish everyone the best of luck at the tables.