Last time I wrote a blog I was in a bad place, in a period of having quite a low mood, and didnt really see much hope for my Poker game or much of anything outside it either.

Today, writing this blog, I am in a better place mentally, physically and financially. This is something I never saw coming when I wrote my last blog. Life isnt perfect of course but I am much happier with how I feel today than I did then.

On the poker tables things have, in general, gone pretty well results wise. I also think I am playing fairly well but I know there are still lots of leaks in my game that I can fix and improve upon.

I'm going to probably try and wind down my play for the month, I have achieved quite a bit considering I didnt think I would be playing (Possible ever again) too much at the start of the month.

I've got SilverStar wrapped up, and I am in profit for the month, so got to be happy.

The above is my graph at 10NL Regular Speed tables.

This is where I have been trying to focus my attention more and more rather than playing Zoom games where I tend to lose all discipline in my game.

Anything can happen, but I have had some downswings, some upswings and I think I am coping a lot better at the tables when I make a stupid mistake and either lose a stack or lose a pot that I have put too much money in.

I'm sure tilt will raise its head again at some point in the future, maybe not even that far into the future, but I am confident I will come through it when I do.

Finally, before I sign off, I just want to pay tribute to Gareth 'GarethC23' Chantler. I didnt get to see all of his epic run in the Sunday Storm but due to waking up at the right time I got to witness the vast majority of the final table that he played. Being a cash game grinder first and foremost makes this even more of an achievement in my mind. Fourth in a field of 35000+ is an astonishing feat and apart from a final table cooler it could have been more.

So once gain, congratulations Gareth, very well done.

Good luck everyone.