I think I have finally reached the conclusion that playing poker is not going to be a long term successs for me. I don't mean that in a purely financial sense as I could probably mess around at the micro levels and turn a small profit or at worst break even but I just don't think I have the heart for it.

For just over a year now I have been working at my game, which I guess isn't a lot of time really to give to such a complicated game, but to improve to a point where I can make a profit at any significant level will require a lot more work and a lot more time. I work full-time and it takes a lot out of me to constantly be at a computer day and night for both my job and what is supposed to be a fun and recreational game.

I guess that is another part of my problem, at the micros poker should really be a matter of learning and enjoyment as the money for most people is inconsequential yet I have found myself getting unduly agonised due to losing a couple of dollars because I either got sucked out on or I make a mistake.

i don't play the game for fun, I play with the long term goal of making money, and the prospect of making any meaningful money seems as far off as ever so I really need to think about whether I am able and willing to put the effort in.

ive made somewhat similar blogs in the ast where I have pondered whether I have the attitude for long term success but this is as close as I have come to hitting the button to exclude myself from playing for a significant period of time.

Paradoxically I bought the Matthew Janda book on Theoretically Sound Poker, and given I spent £20 on it I am going to read it, even if it becomes a War and Peace type effort to do so. If by the end of it I have given myself a six month breather I may try to employ some of the theories in it.

Whatever I end up doing I will still have a lot of time for PSO and will probably still stick around the forums and attend live trainings.

Good luck all.