Last week I posted a blog about how my Sunday had been bad and how I suffered on the wrong end of variance. 

Knowing the truth that most poker players only remember the bad variance and accept without thinking the good side of variance, such as being dealt a premium hand, flopping well, and having it hold, I thought I would make my blog this week about two hands that fit the latter description.

The first hand was this one below:

I got dealt JJ, a strong but not unbeatable hand, and call a UTG raise. I flop a set and although the board turns a little scary given my ranging of the villain, I get the money in ahead on the turn and my luck holds.

The second hand is below:

Get dealt AA, get a nice flop based on the action pre, and get the money in ahead on the flop and hold again.

These hands were dealt within 6 hands of each other and less than a minute part and moved me from -$4 to +$16.

So this week, I thank the poker gods for letting my hands hold in the big pots.

Good luck at the tables.