I've thought anout writing this blog for a week or two but put it off a number of times for various reasons.

Around the start of last month I decided to move to 5NL from 2NL. Although I was on a slight upswing at the time I was never crushing 2NL - so I was really unsure if it was a wise idea.

A little over a month later I can say I am happy with the results so far - although there have been a number of hands where I have got lucky - so I am under no illusion that I am not making mistakes. 

I've resolved to try and tighten up my play some more so that I am not making as many mistakes as I have this month. Overall, I am still in profit for the month EV (Expected Value) wise.

I'm going to make regular blogs on my progress and will also post hands of interest. I will also post my graph to keep a record of how I am doing. Here is the first one.

As can be seen there is a divergence in the EV line and the actual profit line around the 10k hand mark. It comes together again around 17500 and then the last few days there has been a number of fortunate board runouts where I have turned and rivered the nuts.

I will also start a thread in the challenges and battleground forum to keep track.

My best run in poker results and ev wise but I know I can improve a lot. I'm fortunate to be able to do this from a position where I am ahead for the month.

Good luck at the tables everyone.