So Monday was a little bit of a rough day, not too much of a rough day, but enough to be frustrating.

I've been staked by my brother to play as many MTTSNG or Regular tournaments between $2-3 as I can for a 50/50 splt between us. He has staked me $100 so that means we have a pooled amount of $200.

I have mostly been hitting the $2.50 180 man Turbo SnG's.

On Monday I bubbled the final table of one of these for the second time with a hand that had more than enough equity to be the winning hand by the river. AQh, called a shove happy player to my immediate right, he shows T9o and hits a T on the river and I never improve on a board that had two hearts on the flop.

These 180's are very top heavy, 27-19 get slightly more than their Buy-In back, 18-10 get about $1 profit. The real profit in these are to be made at the final table. So to bubble that, and with what would have been a decent stack (Probably enough to put me first or second in chips), was disappointing.

Turbo MTT's are not in my comfort zone yet, but I am playing more of them, and I think I am improving in them.

I need to learn to live with the variance as you really do not get enough time to wait for hands.

So after a few beats (Not bad beats) on Monday night I decided to take a break for a week, using the always useful Responsible Gaming tool, so I am roughly half way through this.

I have to be honest, I cant wait to get back to the tables, but taking a break has been so good for me so far.

This was a pretty aimless blog so if you read all the way to the end - Kudos.