I've not been playing on Pokerstars a year yet but I have had some good times, and some bad times, and hopefully I will have a lot more of the good times to come.

When I first started off on Pokerstars I had a brief period in profit, since then I have been a losing player trying to make my way back to breakeven, I am still on that journey but I am certain that I will make it back to breakeven and in to profit.

I've thought long and hard about what my best moment has been on Pokerstars to date and have decided that it has to be my cash in the first event of the most recent TCOOP in a format that didnt at all suit my game.

The first event was a 6 max event, 5 minute blinds, and not a huge starting stack but enough to play a few hands early on and still not be in shove territory if you dont take them down.
Like I said, it isnt my preferred format, but in position I made a couple of raises from the button early and was 3bet by the same guy both times, if I had any sort of cards to play back with I would have done so. The third time I raised from position I was 3bet again by the same guy and despite the fact I had complete trash (Something along the lines of T4o), I 4bet him and he called. I completely missed the flop but stuck out a nicely sized cbet and took the pot.

As someone who naturally gravitates towards being a nit the above sequence was out of character but it gave me confidence to make a few more plays as the tournament went on.
Truth be told, I didnt play a lot of hands for the rest of the tournament, but, when I did, they were all-in hands and I got it end good the majority of the time. The one time I didnt, I was a huge underdog, but I snagged a J to make the only pair in a 3 way pot and won enough to chips to ensure I cashed what was a huge payout for me - especially sweet given it was a ticket I had been given by Pokerstars and it was all profit.

So, modest as it may be, little more than min cashing a TCOOP event has been my best moment on Pokerstars.

Almost as good as cashing the TCOOP event has been winning a ticket to play in the Sunday Million which I haven’t yet used, I plan to play this ticket this coming weekend as the Million celebrates its seventh birthday with a huge guarantee tournament and the winner taking home at least $1,000,000.

This will of course be the biggest buy-in tournament I have taken part in and there will naturally be some nerves on my part. The chance of winning a significant amount of money is good and the structure will suit my game. Among the field though will be the best players in Poker and I kind of hope to be seated among some of them and holding my own.