Well, it is January 31st, and the end of the first month of the Time Vault.

I end the month up just under $100 from tournament play ($99.50 to be exact). Which is mostly accounted for by the TCOOP cash from the first event and a number of Sunday Storm satellite cashes (Some of these are actually for the Bankroll Co-op (See the thread in Challenges and Battleground) but for ROI purposes they represent and improvement in my play). So on target for how I want to continue over the rest of the year.

My cash game is improving a much slower rate but I have made improvements where I begin to make sensible decisions and see where I might be beat even when I have a good hand. I still intend to post some of these in my thread in Challenges and Battleground.

Finally, having taken part in 9 of the 10 weeks of the Sunday Million promotion, I was hopeful (Even though it was still so far from certain) that I might get pulled out of the hat. To find out that i had been pulled out for week 4 was amazing. This is much higher buy-in than I have ever played. I cant wait.

Good luck at the tables.