So, my previous blog layed out that my tournament play had been going well and my cash game suffering a little bit, this blog will be much the same.

I am currently sitting $88.13 up on my tournament play this month which includes a cashe in TCOOP Event Number 1. Turbo games are not my strength so this was a surprise to me. I was short stacked when the bubble burst and, to be honest, I played it timidly because any cash was a profit due the the ticket being gained through a promotion. I was happy to play it like a satellite and one I had enough to cash I was time banking until the money. Then I allowed myself to ladder up once before shoving my 3bb stack and getting beat unsurprisingly and exiting.

It's absolutely not the best strategy long-term but I was really only interested in cashing this one as it was a huge boost to my bankroll given the buy-in was well above my normal game.

Throw in a number of cashes in various 45 man tourneys, Million Club Freeroll and other MTT's and my form in these is good.

In cash, its been more of a grind, I have lost a number of buy-ins including a misclick where I called in the Big Blind with AJs and lost to someone who shoved 100bb with Q4o and hit his 4 on the flop.

My inability to multi-table zoom has cost me money and I have cut-it from my game.

Have played one table a couple of times in the last day and have profited in these sessions due to taking time making decisions. Fold quick and play slowly is my strength, I can do that one tabling Zoom but not four tabling.

I've attempted to post a few graphs in this blog but havent worked out how to do it yet.

Finally, while I dont want to sound like a PSO acolyte, I again want to commend PSO for running the Million Club mission 10 so successfully. It was a real joy to be able to take part in it and I loved that the final table was played out to the end in live training as well as there being feature tables throughout. It mad it feel like a real tournament.

Good luck all.