Well, like my last blog detailed, I am mixing some Zoom cash games with some Tournament play.

At the cash tables I suffered some horrificly unlucky beats. Twice losing with AA for a lot of money both times. Once to someone who called my raise with the unbeatable 63o and was still calling on by the turn and hit his straight. It looked a pretty harmless board because I could never imagine anyone calling an UTG raise, in early position themselves, with 63o. I was more scared of a set or two pair but thought it more likely they had an overpair to the board which got to the river with a high 7.

I was near ready to start a search for where that 'person' lives and hunt them down - but I had to regroup of course. 

The second loss with AA was slightly less annoying. The person had JJ, hit a J on the flop, and because of how passively they played it I didnt lose a full stack.

Add to that getting beat with a K high flush with an A high flush and another losing session had to be endured. I did win some big hands of course but its much more fun to dwell on the misery and pain that the losses bring about.

Licking my wounds from the cash session I decided to fire up a satellite to the Big $5.50 -  9 man SnG Turbo - and set about trying to make myself feel better about my game. I sat back in the early stages and watched some incredible play where players called shoves with absolute trash and swapped chips about. 

At the 50/100 level I started to play a few hands, manged the odd isolation play with the likes of AT/J/Q and won a few chips.

I was fortunate that someone shoved their K4o at me when they hit a K on the flop and I calmy called with my pocket Aces and prepared myself for whatever bad beat was about to happen. Would the rest of the board run out Kings? Would a miraculous straight run out? Thankfully no, and I took a chip lead I never lost. That hand eliminated the fourth place finisher.

I took care of number 3 with pocket 7's when a 7 hit on the Turn to give me a set.

Finally, number 2, he limped when I had pocket 7's again, which was extremely stupid as he had only 6bb's. I shoved on him without letting him see a flop, he called, and his K2s never improved and I had covered my losses on the cash tables with some T$.

So far this year I have an excellent ROI in tournament play, across multiple variations, and this has me in profit across all my play whether cash or tournament.

The losses in Zoom are not acceptable and if I dont improve I will have to knock that on th head despite the VPP's it brings. The only alternative is to use any continued profits from tournament play to subsidise cash and be a 'rakeback' type player who relies on bonuses for profit although that doesnt seem realistic. 

If you were bored enough to read all that, thanks.

Good luck at the tables guys.