I'v e been considering what I want to achieve in 2013 while playing poker.

I dont think I need be too ambitious at this stage as I have been playing the game less than a year at this point and only really starting play more around about August of 2012. So I am still somewhat new to the game and not doing horribly so far.

This year I want to hugely increase the amount of VPP's I earn while at the same time not losing money in the pursuit of that.

I want to achieve at Chrome Star at least once this year.

I want to achieve 500 VPP's before the middle of the year to earn the bonus I became entitled to after passing the SnG course on PSO. That will be worth $20 to me.

I want to achieve my Stellar award target for the year which is 750 VPP's. If I achieve the one above I will be a shoo-in for this I think.

In order to do this I have started playing some more Zoom. Yesterday I play little under 1000 hands in a session. For some this is nothing at all but for me it was a huge amount. I finished the session down more than $5 playing at 2NL. I played on hand badly but the rest I was either slightly unlucky in that I was coolered or suffered a bad beat. I didnt lost my cool though.

Today I played for an hour and played 1022 hands and broke even on the last hand by having belief that i was ahead in the hand and had juged the player correctly in assuming he was weaker than I was at every point. 

So I am not racking up huge profits or losses yet but I am earning VPP's at a quicker rate than I have before.

Finally, I want to play some higher buy-in tournaments, I believe I am better than a lot of the players that play in the likes of the Sunday Storm due to PSO. I have to stop giving fish credit for hands when they are in there with nothing and take their chips from them.

So, modest goals, but achievable and that is all I want.