Well, tonight I sit here fairly dejected due to making some moronic decisions, and not due to being down a significant amount of money.

I am down over the course of my play today both in Zoom and SnG's where I didn't play the games I had been doing well at recently. That was a poor decision.

Playing in the first place was a bad decision. I've been feeling pretty down over the last week or more with yesterday and today being pretty bad. I'm not going to self diagnose what this is as a result of.

In my actual gameplay I made +EV moves and some -EV moves. The result was the same. I lost money. Not a lot but the emotional result was pretty horrific considering its micro stakes.

the worst decision I made was to take my sheer frustration out on my laptop which is irreparable after I finished with it.

I've self-excluded for a week.

I'm thoroughly ashamed of myself. 

Look after your mental health and don't make stupid decisions like I have.