Well, it took ages, but I have finally completed my run of games at the Standard Speed $1 45 man games and it ended with a min cash which at times looked very unlikely. Not much to write home about but better than finishing out of the money altogether.

Here is a link to my HEM grapgh for the run - I am quite happy with it:



The ROI/ITM is pretty good but I was disappointed to only win one of the tournaments. I had chances to win others and either made a mistake or ended up on the wrong end of a flip.

I also made some bad decisions during the games and finished some quite early which is something I wish to get out of my game. I should only be going out early if I suffer some sort of horrible bad beat when I have a premium hand.

I'm not sure whether I will jump to the next level, $3.50 buy-in, same speed and format. I have the bankroll available to me to do so but I will possible take another run at the $1 games to check if it was just good fortune or good play that got me a nice return on the first run.

This evening I will play the Sunday Storm due to a promotional ticket given by Pokerstars. A min cash would be nice in that as it will essentially be a freeroll for me.

Good luck at the tables.