Following quickly on from my first blog - here is my entry for the million club.

My favourite video isnt a classroom style video - it is 'WCOOP Event 47 Part 1 (2, 3 &4)' which was hosted by Andy aka 'ahar010'.

This was my first experience of railing someone in a high level buy-in event and the fact that it was during a live training with such a sense of community really made it special to witness and participate in.

As I remember it, and watching the early videos of the series again, there were so many times throughout the tournament where it could have been all over but good hand selections for the all-in hands and the collective goodwill of the group made sure that there were numerous double ups and stacking of opponents to celebrate. 

The video goes to show that we can all make deep runs even if we are playing above our normal buy-in level (Not that I advocate breaking Bankroll Management) when we do take that shot.

Andy effectively explains his actions at all points, why he didnt shove when we thought he should, why he folded when we thought he shoudlnt.

Watch this initial video and watch the rest of the series when they are released. I enjoyed the first two and know I will enjoy the others.

Good lucj at the tables.