So this is my first attempt at a blog - please be nice.

A week or so ago I decided that I was going to follow the example of some other people and set a target to play a certain amount (20) of games at the same buy-in level/format and assess myself over that number of games.

So starting on Thursday evening I played a couple of the $1 buy-in 45 man regular speed SnG's. I failed to even get close to the final table on the first one but managed to snag a sixth on the second for what was little more than a min cash but it was still good for the confidence as this is my first run at the $1 level after doing well over a small sample size at the $0.25c buy-in level.

I have since cashed in three of the next four of the run with two more sixth places and a third place where I was in a decent position to win but literally threw my chips away with a strong pocket pair (JJ) on a King High flushy board. I was angry with myself after doing that but overall I played that tournament pretty well.

I'm not yet much of a multi-table player, and so the run of these is comparitively slow compared to most others, but over the small sample size so far I have a pretty decent ROI and ITM return for my efforts. ROI sits at just short of 150% and ITM just over 50%. It's a tiny sample size but given I had decent ROI and ITM % at the lower buy-in level it gives cause for optimism.

These games will probably be my bread and butter for a little while. I am going to play within my bankroll and build my knowledge of the game and hone my skills a little. I've only been playing the game a relatively short time (Well short of a year) compared to a lot of people and havent kept to a game type or buy-in level despite knowing it's usually the right thing to do initially.

I hope to report back after 20 games with a positive but even if I dont cash again from here on in I think I have improved my game already and stopped my nittish behaviour to a large extent.

Good luck everyone.