I have been playing poker for almost a decade now. Till now i have mostly been playing for fun and have not spent much time studying techniques or even to fully learn the hand rankings! I have read one poker book , that was more of a novel and detailed the journey of one man and his poker 'addiction'. Dont remember the name right now but it was a good read. I have read a few poker magazines but nothing too serious.
I have been now going thru a 'spring' clean of all my accounts - betting , poker accounts and found i still had about $142 in my pokerstars account. I decided to try and play poker for something more than fun, see if its possible to make money out of it. Starting small and see how it goes from there.
Like usual i started jumping in straight to the Sit and Go Hold'em games, won a few , lost a few and decided to refresh my memory of the card rankings on the Poker help in PokerStars help, which is where i found the helpful link to Poker Schools.
Thank God i found this and i am going to make full use of the site. I will try and complete the lessons and have a strategy before i jump back risking my money.

Thank you for reading my first post. Hopefully i will stick to this and will update you , my reader with my journey to learning how to play poker profitably.