Like many of us, I came across POKER on Facebook, thanks to Zynga. This was a couple of years ago when a friend of mine invited me to play the game. I didn't know the rules but it seemed fun and I spent hours playing Poker at home (and in office)

I made a couple of virtual millions by playing on tables where 6 out of 9 players went "all in" in the first hand itself. Good old days

It was fun and I thought this is how poker was played until I came across real money online poker 

I was a recreational player until 5 months ago when I deposited $20 for the first time. Went bust in 2 days. Deposited another $20 - lost in 2 days after going upto $40. Did this a couple of times and lost all of it. I knew I was doing something wrong but didn't know what.

Transitioning phase

I started reading more about the game, its strategies, watched hundreds of videos, went through poker blogs, some poker books etc.

One of the gold mine that I came across a month ago and which changed my playing style was this blog post on POKERSTARSBLOG

I was quite intrigued with the title and wanted to know if Andre Coimbra's quest of turning $100 to $100,000 was possible

I spent a couple of hours going through all his blog posts from day 1 and realized what an idiot I was

Some learnings after going through Andre's blogposts

- Be patient. 

- Small stakes MTT trnys have a lot of variance

- Be very very selective about your Starting hands in small stakes MTT

- Play tight during the initial levels of the trny. 

- Bankroll Management (most important)

- Many other things, but the above 5 top my list



I deposited $100 and decided to follow a similar approach. For the very first time, I was able to ship a couple of 45 player and 90 player small stakes MTTs. I played 71 tourneys in 3 days and ended up making a small profit. I was doing pretty well and was finishing on final tables quite often. I knew I was getting better at the game



One fine day, I was on a losing streak. Played 12-15 trnys and didn't make it to any of the final tables. That's where I wandered a bit.

I lost patience. Started playing high entry tournaments which my bankroll did not allow. Lost most of them. Started playing $7 and $15 hyper - turbo heads up games to make up for the losses. I did well in them but didn't stop when I should've and lost my $100 in 2-3 days


Moral of the story

- I will stick to what I've learnt from Andre's blog

- Will do a lot more reading.

- Work on my strategies

- Work on my temperament

- Most importantly, will abide by my Bankroll Management rules


Hopefully, my next $100 will be one of the better investments